Labeling, Controlled Temperature Storage & Distribution Services

PYRAMID Laboratories, Inc. provides you with the experience required to label, store and distribute your parenteral drug products across the globe during the entire Clinical and Commercial life cycle.

PYRAMID is uniquely qualified with in depth experience in developing and manufacturing liquid and lyophilized drug products to understand the need for strict adherence to pharmaceutical cGMP processes to manage the safety of your products. From temperature control, packaging, and shipping services. You can rely on PYRAMID to ensure that your valuable products are at the correct temperature and conditions at all times.

PYRAMID’s newest addition houses approximately 27,600 cubic feet of monitored and alarmed validated chambers at the following environmental conditions:

  • Ambient storage:                          15°C to 30°C
  • Refrigerated storage:                    02°C to 08°C
  • Frozen storage:                            -15°C to -25°C
  • Ultralow storage:                          -70°C to -90°C

PYRAMID’s expertise, quality program, and validated processes are designed to meet your cGMP storage need. Validated systems, infrastructure and processes accommodate ICH storage conditions and maintaining the storage environment for the stringent requirements of biological products.

PYRAMID’s controlled access and video monitored labeling and packaging suites are located adjacent to the controlled temperature storage areas making the transfer from storage to labeling to packaging to shipment to your clinical sites or drug depot seamless and secure.