For certain drug products, lyophilization can mitigate challenges associated with product stability, storage and distribution. If you’re considering manufacturing a lyophilized drug product or developing a lyo formulation and process, we are here to offer expert guidance and evaluate the suitability of this method for your specific needs.


Lyophilization for clinical and commercial products

Since 2000, we have supported the development and manufacturing of lyophilized drug products. The goal of our lyophilization process is to create a pharmaceutically elegant and physiochemically stable product that can be easily reconstituted and administered to the patient.


We offer the laboratory equipment, differential scanning calorimeter and laboratory-scale lyophilizers to aid in the development of optimal formulations and lyophilization cycles for your drug product. Experience has shown that the cycles developed on our laboratory-scale units scale up effectively to our clinical or commercial manufacturing lyophilizers.

  • Formulation and process development for lyophilization
  • Three on-site lyophilizers: lab-scale, clinical and commercial
  • Clinical freeze dryer lyophilizes batches up to 7,000 vials
  • 213-square-foot Telstar lyophilizer for commercial manufacturing
  • Up to 37,500 5 mL and 10 mL vials per commercial batch
  • Backup power supply and redundant components minimize risk of breakdown
  • Full QC and analytical testing support for lyo product development and manufacturing


Lyophilized Formulation & Process Development

In developing a lyophilized drug product, we prioritize pharmaceutical elegance and physiochemical stability to ensure easy reconstitution for administration to the patient. Our scientists have the expertise and experience to guide your drug product toward this outcome.


Lyophilization For Any Scale

With three lyophilizers on-site, we can perform development and manufacturing of lyophilized drug products at any scale. Our commercial-scale Telstar lyophilizer has a capacity of 37,500 5 mL or 10 mL vials.

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