Clinical Manufacturing

For over 24 years, Pyramid Labs has supported the development and manufacturing of clinical drug products. Our expert team has successfully guided multiple clients through the approval process, unlocking the full potential of their programs. We are your trusted CDMO partner for comprehensive aseptic fill-finish services for both vials and syringes.


Full-Service Clinical Manufacturing

We offer sterile aseptic manufacturing services for clinical products, including formulation, lyophilization, and filling into both vials and syringes. Our manufacturing, quality and regulatory teams have extensive experience supporting clients through all regulatory phases.

  • Vial Filling for 2 mL-20 mL vial sizes
  • Syringe Filling for .5 mL-3 mL syringe sizes
  • Hypak™ filling and stoppering system enables volumes <1-100+ liters
  • Clinical freeze dryer for lyophilization in batches of up to 7,000 vials
  • Packaging & Labeling
  • Storage & Distribution


Liquid or Lyo, Vial or Syringe

For over 24 years, Pyramid Labs has been a cornerstone in clinical manufacturing and sterile fill and finish. Whether it’s liquid or lyophilized, vial or syringe, we can scale our capabilities to align with the needs of your clinical program. Our GMP-compliant facilities boast advanced equipment, including a 100% weight-check IMA vial filler, Cozzoli syringe filler and a state-of-the-art Telstar lyophilizer.

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