Analytical Services & QC Testing

We offer a full-service, stand-alone and integrated QC lab to support in-process, lot release, and stability studies for clinical and commercial programs.


Full-Service QC Laboratory for Clinical and Commercial Products

Our Quality Control (QC) laboratory boasts state-of-the-art instrumentation. We provide comprehensive support for our clients’ clinical and commercial manufacturing programs, conducting rigorous testing for raw materials, in-process, final product (lot) release and stability studies.

In-House Analytical and Microbiology Laboratories

  • Method development, transfer, qualification and validation
  • Raw material, in-process, lot release and stability sample testing
  • Chromatography experts across multiple platforms, including HPLC, UPLC with detection by MS, UV, PDA, fluorescence and CAD detectors
  • In-house, validated methods for  bioburden, endotoxin and sterility utilizing isolator technologies
  • Lyophilized drug product testing
  • Osmolality by freezing point depression (FPD) and vapor pressure (VP) per USP<785>
  • UV/Vis, FTIR, Karl Fischer (KF), density, viscosity, break-loose/glide force testing
  • Container closure integrity testing (CCIT) by vacuum decay (Veripac)
  • Protein assays, including ELISA, SDS-PAGE and IEF
  • Compendial testing per USP/EP

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