Facility Maintenance Technician

POSITION TITLE: Facility Maintenance Technician

REPORT TO: Facilities Manager / Maintenance Manager


The Facility Maintenance Technician will perform routine and extensive preventative maintenance and repair procedures to PYRAMID’s buildings, equipment and utility systems.


  • Performs minor and major repair of all buildings and equipment on a routine basis.
  • Ensures all equipment and facilities are cGMP compliant and are running efficiently and safely.
  • Implements steps to plan for upcoming projects (can be short term or long-term planning based on the size of the project and urgency of the request). Obtain permits as required.
  • Replaces broken windows, repairs doors, door locks and closets, installs windows and builds rooms based on instruction by the Facility Maintenance Manager as well as the President & CEO.
  • Works with maintenance personnel including contractors working on specific projects, to ensure that they are performing their work efficiently in a safe, compliant manner.
  • Purchases parts, tools, and supplies for maintenance through Accounts Payable. This will require the President’s approval.
  • Maintains air conditioning (HVAC) including repair, cleaning, adjusting and repairing systems. Diagnose electrical and mechanical faults for HVAC systems.
  • Maintains equipment and tools to ensure that they are available when needed and in good working condition.  This includes housekeeping, parts storage, equipment maintenance, ensuring calibration of equipment against specified standards, and tool using.
  • Evaluate and manage workload to determine the need for outside contractors and ensure that vendors provide effective service, which is in compliance with SOPs, and GMPs.
  • Document all maintenance in the appropriate logbooks.
  • Responds to emergency maintenance requests as required.
  • Performs other related duties and responsibilities as assigned.



  • A degree in general education or at least a high school diploma with 4-5 years progressive experience performing tasks with HVAC systems and utilizing equipment like package units, pneumatic and automated control systems, chillers, boilers and VAV systems.
  • Mastery of interpretation of documents involving maintenance instructions, sketches, plans blueprints, procedure manual and safety rules.
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills.
  • Efficient expertise in writing messages and reports.
  • Outstanding application of common-sense intelligence to perform instructions.
  • Outstanding skills in resolving issues related to diverse general variables in regulated conditions.

To apply for this position, please email your resume with cover letter to info@pyramidlabs.com .