Laboratory QA Assistant

POSITION TITLE: Laboratory QA Assistant 

REPORT TO: Laboratory QA Director


Responsibilities include assistance in QA related project that vary in scope, complexity, and size. Assist in QA Laboratory activities to ensure compliance with current GMPs.


  • Sample inspection for verification of sample numbers, temperature, quantity, and condition as per chain of custody and/or other documentation provided by the client. This may include information concerning preservation, sampling data, sample identification, date of receipt, analyses requested, special instructions etc.
  • Documentation of any damages or discrepancies regarding received items using the Receiving Excursion Form, notifying the Project Manager, the Client, and documenting such activity within the affected job files for future reference and follow-up.
  • Logging and documentation of samples upon receipt into the PLI tracking system.
  • Contact Client and make necessary arrangements for proper disposal and/or return of samples.
  • Coordinate with hazardous waste disposal personnel concerning proper procedures and schedules from sample disposal.
  • List Job Number, Due Date, Analysis, Number of Samples, and their storage location on the Laboratory “Scheduling Board” upon completion and approval of all sample receipt log-in paperwork.
  • Organize refrigerators and sample locations to optimize retrieval and disposal in accordance with their storage date.
  • Responsible for receiving and tagging laboratory supplies.
  • Assist in laboratory QA data review and audit to ensure accuracy.
  • Maintain QA records (i.e., logbooks, equipment records, specifications, procedures).
  • Ensure the proper storage of controlled documentation, i.e., archive and back-up.
  • Performs other related duties and responsibilities as assigned.



  • 2+ years pharmaceutical experience with Quality experience preferred.
  • High School Graduate, Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Experience working in a laboratory or process manufacturing setting.
  • Experience working in a regulated Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) environment.
  • Detail oriented, ability to get along with a variety of different personalities, multitasking skills, and works well under pressure.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Technical writing and review ability.
  • Desire to work in an office setting as this position is not laboratory focused.

To apply for this position, please email your resume with cover letter to .